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Develop Your Intuition

Use a proven method to go from psychic sponge to empowered healer

Online Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing

Jan. 21 – April 28, 2024, Sundays 11 AM to 1:15 PM (Pacific)

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    Money Back Guarantee:
    If you are not fully satisfied within the first 30 days, return the instructional materials and your tuition will be fully refunded.

    • Do you get tired in crowds?
    • Are you sensitive to the energy of others and your environment?
    • Do you need stronger boundaries?
    • Are you frustrated and stuck in repetitive patterns?
    • Do you want to learn energy healing but not sure where to start?
    • Are you confused by intuitive experiences you have had? Does your intuition feel random? Do you have trouble distinguishing between thoughts and intuition?
    • Are you lightworker or a helping or healing professional and want to augment your skills?

    If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, Applied Intuition’s Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course is your ticket forward! This 12 week, step by step, course will teach you to consistently access your intuition, manage your energy and heal yourself and others. All in a practical, easy to understand package without the woo woo!

    Intuition is your birthright. Everyone can develop their intuition but some people are already sensitive and need tools to understand and use their intuition instead of feeling used by it. This is particularly true for empaths, lightworkers and people in the healing and helping professions.

    The Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course launches you to read and heal energy right away.

    • Week 1: Find your intuitive center and ground to the Earth
    • Week 2: Strengthen your life force and personal auric boundaries
    • Week 3: Clear, balance and heal your chakras
    • Week 4: Utilize your Kundalini Energy
    • Week 5: Use color to heal.
    • Week 6: Integrate your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies
    • Week 7: Heal on a cellular level
    • Week 8: Tap into universal energies, access the Akashic Records and up-date spiritual contracts
    • Week 9: Read and heal past lives and
    • Week 10: Resolve karmic patterns
    • Week 11: Balance your male and female creative energy
    • Week 12: Conducting a full clairvoyant reading


    “Few things feel better than to be filled with your own essence and anchored to the Earth. Life becomes easier and more fun with more of you present to live it. Control your energy and control your life.”

    – Tahara Ezrahti

    Money Back Guarantee:
    If you are not fully satisfied within the first 30 days, return the instructional materials and your tuition will be fully refunded.

    A Fun Confidential Learning Community

    Our on-line classroom provides a safe and fun confidential learning community. Through guided meditations, discussions, readings and home practice exercises you will discover your default energy settings and change them if they aren’t working for you. With practice you create new neuro-pathways that can transform your relationships, health, business, communication, creativity and well being.

    In addition to the 12 weekly classes you will get:

    • Eleven Home Practice Meditations, emailed as MP3 recordings
    • Recordings of the meditations from each class. (These are helpful if you miss a class or just want to review the information).
    • Regular clairvoyant readings and healings from classmates.
    • A healing community to practice your skills
    • A study guide with instructional materials.
    • Attend the first class for free to see if it is a good fit. Register here on-line. 
    • A Money back guarantee

    The Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Course meets, Sundays, January 21 to April 28, 2024 from 11 AM to 1:15 PM (Pacific). This course stands on its own and is also the prerequisite for the year long  Applied Intuition Clairvoyant Certification Training.

    Tuition is $686. Classes are 1/2 off for students repeating. You can add an optional hour phone reading with Tahara for $80 (normally $125) for a total of  $766. Attend the first class for free to see if it is a good fit. Register here  or contact Tahara Ezrahti at (805) 364-0195 to reserve your space. A confirmation and  Zoom link will be emailed to you.

    five star rating

    “The Applied Intuition classes are amazing! They have taught me so many skills that I can use daily to ground myself, clear other people’s energies out of my space, how to recharge and think about situations from different angles through the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional body. I highly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to learn more ways to heal and grow.”

    Caroline Aug 2022

    five star rating

    “Tahara’s classes provided me increased awareness about the importance of working on being grounded and centered. After taking Tahara’s class, I am aware of the difference between being grounded and ungrounded and how I feel in those states. Having this awareness has helped me take time to center myself before making decisions and interacting with others.
    It was beneficial to participate in guided meditations with an experienced energy reader. Tahara has the fine-tuned ability to help others connect with their spirit and energy centers, as well as the tools to teach us how to balance our chakras. As an artist, the guided meditations provided me with deeply inspiring imagery.”

    Angela Lang, Artist and Teacher,
    Pt. Arena, CA

    five star rating

    “I cannot recommend this course highly enough! My intuition is so much more honed, I have been able to heal sick friends with the energy work I learned and most of all she taught us a level of grounding that I had never experienced. Everything feels happier and better when I am grounded. Everyone in the class has become empowered in a stunning way. Tahara is teaching us to use some of our extra brainpower that we normally don’t have access to, that is our birthright!”

    Ronit Corry, M.AmSAT
    Senior Teacher of The Alexander Technique
    Training Cesar’s Way Graduate
    Santa Barbara, CA

    five star rating

    “I first took Tahara’s intro to Clairvoyant Healing in 2015. As a natural born Intuitive, I immediately trusted her and her methods. Tahara is a very gifted intuitive, as well as grounded and methodical teacher. It is obvious that she cares about her clients and students and wants to give them her best. I have learned so much more than from other classes that I have taken. I still go back from time to time for refresher’s and to learn more in the advanced classes.”

    Mary Avila 14 Aug 2022

    five star rating

    “Tahara’s Introductory course was very formative for not only my intuitive skills, but my life general. I would go as far as to say that it was life changing for me in many ways. We all have a lot of intuitive potential, and Tahara’s class is helped me to be able to use these potentials skillfully and at will. Instead of being a victim to my sensitivities I have become empowered and confident. The intro course was just the beginning for me. I went on to receive many readings from her as well as taking the advanced course, which were all excellent. Tahara’s is always spot on in her readings, and the information she gives is readily applicable. I am grateful to now have this as part of my life. Thanks, Tahara!”


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    Beginning, intermediate and graduate students share what they got out of Applied Intuition classes.