Clairvoyant Training

Advanced Clairvoyant Certification Training

January 9 to December 10, 2024, Tuesdays 5:45 to 8 PM PST

(On Zoom, you must have completed the Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing class).

Applied Intuition Clairvoyant Certification Training

The Applied Intuition Clairvoyant Training is a 11 month course (a total of 44 classes) for those who want to develop their intuitive skills in depth. Students completing the course will be certified by Applied Intuition to conduct clairvoyant readings.  Students take this course for their own personal development, to integrate clairvoyant healing into their current profession, or to become a professional clairvoyant.  Regardless of how you end up integrating these tools, be ready for an enjoyable, challenging, and mind blowing ride!

Among the Skills Students Learn Are:

  • Telepathic chakras
  • Connecting with your higher self and universal energies
  • How to read people who have passed on or are in the process of dying
  • Reading pets and wild animals
  • Integrating your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies
  • Advanced protection skills
  • Clearing curses, devices and entities
  • Re-patterning your genetic tapes
  • How to conduct phone and long distance readings
  • Earth Healing
  • Using your creative energy for manifesting

  • How to conduct a professional clairvoyant reading
  • Working with the Akashic Records
  • How to read and heal past lives
  • Healing spiritual karma and contracts
  • Advanced energy anatomy
  • Working with accession energies
  • Healing on a cellular level
  • Clearing limiting beliefs
  • Connections between the chakra system, organs, and layers of the aura
  • How to remove energy cords, objects, and implants
  • How to work with your astral body and guides
  • Healing your inner child

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To register or for more information call (805) 364-0195 or email:

Total cost for the training paid in full is $2552 or in quarterly installments of $650. Tuition for students repeating the training is half the regular fee.

What Clairvoyant Certification Training Graduates Are Saying:

five star rating

My studies over several years with Tahara gave me very advanced access to the intuitive abilities we all possess. Her meditation methods are particularly grounding & centering. I am a CA licensed massage therapist, specializing in craniosacral and Qi Gong modalities. I have found the enhanced intuitive assessments and insights I can now access help me help my clients heal more deeply on physical & emotional levels. Tahara’s classes have been invaluable in my life.”



five star rating

If you are sensitive to energy and/or just curious how to manage your energy in this over-stimulating world, I would highly recommend an Intuitive Reading and also enrolling in Tahara’s classes. You will learn all about what makes up ones energy anatomy, how it can be affected, while learning ways to clear and restore yourself to feel more centered and sovereign with your energy – since everything is composed of energy!

I have taken both her Foundation course and her Certification courses and have come away with an amazing skill set I continue to use on a daily basis. Whether it is healing the past, or working within my current relationships and life situations, developing my clairvoyant abilities has been an invaluable asset in enriching my life. I found each class to be full and rich with valuable content. Class sizes are small, so individual attention is given to ensure you are assimilating the teachings and also feel like you are progressing well. It’s also super fun and very fulfilling. Her private sessions are also a valuable investment in yourself and a great way to be introduced to what you will gain from her courses.


Teaching Assistant Internships

Are available for those who have successfully completed the Clairvoyant Training Certification and want to assist with the Introduction to Clairvoyant Healing Classes. Teaching assistants help ground and clear the room, lead panels, coach beginning students, assist with demonstrations and help with set up and clean up. Email or call (805) 364-0195.

Student Spotlight Videos

Beginning, intermediate and graduate students share what they got out of Applied Intuition classes.