Animal Communicator

What If You Could Talk to Your Animals?

A clairvoyant animal communicator can shed light on what your pet is experiencing and how you can meet the needs of your pet and your family. Animal lovers have been captivated by stories of communicating with animals forever. Our connection with them is primal and deep.

Even though pets are driven by strong instinctual needs they still have emotions, a mission, and past lives. Many pets have chosen to serve as helper beings, providing comfort, relieving stress, or teaching you lessons that only they can. Understanding your pet’s purpose and role in your family can help maximize everyone’s happiness.

A Clairvoyant Pet Reading Can Help You:

  • Integrate a new pet into your family.
  • Discover spiritual agreements and past life connections.
  • Make dietary and health decisions.
  • Understand pets who have experienced trauma, abuse, and neglect.
  • Understand behavioral issues you pet is expressing.
  • Communicate with pets who have passed on.
Pet Communication Tahara

Tahara and Clover

My History as an Animal Communicator

I love animals and have my whole life! At six years-old I wanted to be a vet. My parents had a dog before they had kids, named “Hijo” (“son in Spanish). He died when I was 10 years-old. When I was 11, my family adopted an eight week-old puppy from the pound. She was a Doberman Pinscher and Beagle mix named, “Cindy”.

Cindy was my dog. I raised her and took her to obedience school. I taught her to recognize each of her toys and fetch each by name. I loved that I could play with her and then tell her, “all done” and she would instantly stop. Cindy and I had a telepathic bond that bridged the species and language gap.

Year’s later after I had completed my clairvoyant training, I took an animal communication workshop and realized that Cindy had been my mother in a past life. She came to help me through adolescence and provide the unconditional love and companionship that only canines can. She was my best buddy for 11 years.

Luckily I married Oscar who also loves animals. We had so many different animals that a friend started referring to him as, “Noah”. Our son was an only child but had many animal brothers and sisters. We had multiple dogs, cats, rabbits, hens, turtles, fish, and parakeets. If we had more space we would have had a goat and a miniature horse.

Oscar (Ricky), Tahara (Blue), Christopher (Milo) circa 2009

Oscar (Ricky), Tahara (Blue), Christopher (Milo) circa 2009

Oscar and Clover napping


Clover our new deaf Australian Shepard

Clover our new deaf Australian Shepard

Oscar and Clover napping

Oscar and Clover napping


Christopher and Blue




Baby Chics

Our animals are family members and an integral part of our clan. Like human members animals go through stuff as souls and in their physical form. Harmony within a family includes the pets. A clairvoyant reading can clarify issues, provide reassurance and directions for healing.

Animal Communication and Pet readings are conducted over the phone or Zoom.
To schedule a reading or for more information call/text or email: (805) 364-0195

five star rating

“Tahara is a talented intuitive counselor and I have relied on her exceptional skills for many years. I will be eternally appreciative of the many hours she spent with us on the phone when our beloved bulldog was dying of a ruptured tumor in his chest. We wanted to do what was best for him, but it is so difficult to know when dealing with animals, who can’t communicate in words. I felt Tahara’s information was exactly what Cesar, our dog, would have communicated if he could speak. I highly recommend her clairvoyant skills for working with animals – as well as humans!”

Laura Tucker, Math and Science Educator
University of California at Berkeley


A clairvoyant reading is not a substitute for veterinary care but can help you weigh options your veterinarian has given you. This is especially helpful when trying to decide if and when to euthanize a pet.