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Tahara Ezrahti

Clairvoyant Readings, Healings, and Classes

We assist individuals, businesses, couples, and families increase their level of certainty, communication, and well being through clairvoyant readings and intuitive development classes.

  • Looking for answers to relationship, business, family, health, or pet questions?
  • In a transition and want to know the next step?
  • Want clarity on your life’s purpose and how to manifest it?
  • Need skills to manage your energy, and strengthen your grounding and boundaries?

Tahara Clairvoyant

Tahara Ezrahti, Clairvoyant and Intuitive Development Teacher

I can help! My name is Tahara Ezrahti. I am a clairvoyant energy healer and teacher.

For many years I have helped people:
  • Find answers
  • Clear blocks
  • Clarify directions for growth
  • Manage their energy
  • Connect to their own energy and wisdom

I can help you too!

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Read How Clairvoyant Readings and Classes have Helped Others

“If you are sensitive to energy and/or just curious how to manage your energy in this over-stimulating world, I would highly recommend an Intuitive Reading and also enrolling in Tahara’s classes. You will learn all about what makes up ones energy anatomy, how it can be affected, while learning ways to clear and restore yourself to feel more centered and sovereign with your energy – since everything is composed of energy!
I have taken both her Foundation course and her Certification courses and have come away with an amazing skill set I continue to use on a daily basis. Whether it is healing the past, or working within my current relationships and life situations, developing my clairvoyant abilities has been an invaluable asset in enriching my life.”



“I first took Tahara’s intro to Clairvoyant Healing in 2015. As a natural born Intuitive, I immediately trusted her and her methods. Tahara is a very gifted intuitive, as well as grounded and methodical teacher. It is obvious that she cares about her clients and students and wants to give them her best. I have learned so much more than from other classes that I have taken. I still go back from time to time for refresher’s and to learn more in the advanced classes.”

Mary Avila 14 Aug 2022


“Tahara’s Introductory course was very formative for not only my intuitive skills, but my life general. I would go as far as to say that it was life changing for me in many ways. We all have a lot of intuitive potential, and Tahara’s class is helped me to be able to use these potentials skillfully and at will. Instead of being a victim to my sensitivities I have become empowered and confident. The intro course was just the beginning for me. I went on to receive many readings from her as well as taking the advanced course, which were all excellent. Tahara’s is always spot on in her readings, and the information she gives is readily applicable. I am grateful to now have this as part of my life. Thanks, Tahara”



“I took the Applied Intuition classes and enjoyed both the in-person and online formats. I’d give it 10 stars if I could. Tahara is an expert in her field and I would go to her for intuitive readings, even before taking a class. When I enrolled, I felt quite fortunate to have her as my teacher. The classes I took are now helping me deal with grad school challenges—yes, I used the basic Grounding Tool when I haven’t heard back from the university and yes, they called me the next day for the interview. When I found myself unemployed during the pandemic shutdowns, I used what I learned to bring about a sense of security and wellbeing. Recently I launched a small side business, I haven’t started advertising yet, but the Manifesting Tool is already bringing me clients!”

Deeta Aug 2022


“Tahara Ezrahti is talented at teaching intuitive skills to both children and adults. She is an accomplished psychic reader and has developed mastery in conveying intuitive skills to her students in simple, yet powerful exercises. Her classes are well prepared, engaging, and fun. They provide a wealth of information that helps you develop intuitive skills and directly apply them to your life. Applied Intuition classes are a significant source of information for living a happy and healthy life.”

Jill F., Flower Essence Practitioner
Flora Deva, Santa Barbara, CA