Business and Career

Clairvoyant Consultations for Your Business and Career

Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, the area of career is critical to achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

“We all want to find our purpose and express our passion. Work is an avenue to do this.”

A clairvoyant consultation can help you navigate the many challenges and opportunities in your career such as:

  • Choosing a career
  • Evaluating job offers
  • Improving communication with co-workers, subordinates, and supervisors
  • Enhancing your creativity at work
  • Understanding your needs and developing strategies to get those needs met
  • Previewing negotiations
  • Balancing your personal and professional goals
  • Manifesting positions that are a good fit
  • Evaluating options for continuing education
  • Transitioning to a new position or career

If you are a business owner a clairvoyant consultation can help you:

  • Clear blocks to starting or growing your business
  • Improve communication with partners, employees, contractors, and distributors
  • Hire employees who are a good fit
  • Attract the right customers
  • Evaluate product viability
  • Negotiate with loan officers, employees, partners, and creditors
  • Distinguish your business from the competition
  • Assess initiatives for growth
  • Buy or sell a business

You can schedule a clairvoyant consultation specifically to discuss business issues or you can integrate these topics into a consultation that also covers personal issues. Clairvoyants are experts in reading energy. Why wouldn’t you give your career or business the energetic edge to thrive?


five star rating

“I have been receiving clairvoyant healing sessions from Tahara since 1989. Recently I have been taking huge leaps and strides in my career, taking uncomfortable risks and have drawn upon Tahara’s incredible skill set multiple times to assist me in facing some challenges so that I could stay in the game and serve from my highest self. Tahara is an invaluable resource for anyone willing to truly heal and manifest their dreams and visions! I highly recommend her work. “

Dr. Gwendolyn McClure, Vocal Sound Healer Aug 2022